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"Stands out as one of the few jazz groups in town with an experimental edge"
- Wax Trax Records Reviews (link) 

tansy flowers in outer space.png


You left earth after getting your heart broken, and then you got lost in space for a long, long time. You’re now marooned on a strange planet. Precious stones grow on trees. There’s no water anywhere, but every fountain, river, and puddle is full of a mysterious liquid with an aroma you never encountered earthside - sweet, herbaceous, fruity, and intoxicating. This is the opulent journey that Jazz-pop septet Tansy Wine invites you to embark on in their eponymous song “Tansy Wine”. It’s just one of many musical fantasy immersions they’ll bring you along for.


Together, Tansy Wine defies genre boundaries and captivates audiences with their unique blend of jazz, art music, and more. Tansy Wine has a stunning display of up-and-coming musical powerhouses in its ranks - Sofia Nehama/Composition & Vocals, Sonya Walker/Trumpet & Keys, Maximillian Moore/Keys, William Kuepper/Bass, and Gabriel Gravagno/Drums. Tansy Wine’s engine runs on resplendent skill and focus from all 5 performers, knitting together a vibrant musical landscape and bringing otherworldly stories to life. Bandleader Sofia was the 2018 winner of Denver’s Gift Of Jazz award, and an arranger for the CSO’s 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Awards ceremony. Iterations of Tansy Wine’s rhythm section feature regularly as the house band for the Mercury Cafe’s weekly jazz jam (highlighted in Westword’s “Best Shows to Go Out and See”). All of Tansy Wine’s personnel front bands of their own, boasting dozens of ensembles and ongoing projects between them. Tansy Wine's shared passion for collaboration, experimentation, and exploring the future of jazz has fused into a truly extraordinary sonic experience. 



(505) 490-9326

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